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LION Branding

Welcome to LION Branding

We’re going to help you grow your business.

We are a design and branding agency

What we do is we leverage the power of your brand to help you reach your goals, according to your target audience and your market, based on your strategy. We ultimately increase your revenue.

LION Branding: Strategy


We meet to help you clarify what is it that you do and who do you do it for.

LION Branding: Design


Together, we build the principles of your brand and a plan of action.

LION Branding: Developement


We achieve our common goals by creating captivating design elements.

AlquilariPad / AlquilargafasVR


You caught us under construction

We’re adding content to the website.  Everything you see should work, but we still have elements to add. If you feel like it,  drop us your email down here and we’ll let you know when everything is ready. Thank you very much!


“Very good work, and also efficient, flexible and always available to comment on aspects of the job during the work process”.

Jesús Villadóniga

CEO, Alquilaripad & La Industrial Coworking

“Professional, committed and with great adaptation capabilities. The team at LION Branding has a great talent and mostly a good attitude. They helped me a lot focusing the project and their work has brought a great improvement.  Always attentive to what can be improved on. No doubt I recommend working with them”.

Daniel Marín

CEO, Hearthstone Dojo

“The LION Branding team are efficient workers who always deliver on time, give their best for the task at hand and keep a very healthy relationship with the client,  showing each step of the project and adapting to their needs, without letting the limitations of the initial proposal block them and always adding ideas and research to each step forward. They’re capable of handling different styles and they’re always willing to venture out of their comfort zone”.

Ernesto Diezhandino


Let’s get to it.