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How do you ensure customer recurrence in a more competitive market?

This is one of the cases we like to reference whenever we have to explain what we do. We were approached by a client stating that he needed a new logo, but what we uncovered ended up being much deeper and more interesting. This led us to a more satisfying project both for the client and his business.


Brand Strategy
Identity System Design
UI/UX & Wireframing
Merchandise and Packaging Design
Digital and Printed Marketing Assets


  • To find a way for their several brands to interact and advance our goals.
  • To ensure that the customers remember to contact them whenever they have a need for their service.
  • To hold the position of the market leader in their target audience’s minds.


  • A new encompassing brand that informs and brings all their different companies together in a clear, distinct personality so each brand advertises all brands.
  • Tools to establish presence more easily 
  • A new, more humane and personal way to engage in relationships with the clients.


After a short conversation over the phone, our lead strategist, Manuel Domínguez, sat down with the client to conduct a 4-hour strategy meeting and gather some insights. Together, we reached the conclusion that their highest priority was to establish more presence and for their customers to remember them more easily.


Their brand was about making everything seamless, quick and easy. We went through the brand values, customer profiles, brand definition, desired market position and business goals and concluded that all their tech rental companies coincide in all points, so the only thing that made sense to us was to unify their brands as much as possible. In fact, we decided to use the variety of their newly merged catalogue to our advantage by playing their continuous growth and interest for innovation and the as the biggest selling point against the competitors.


We set and prioritized the next steps to achieve our recently discovered strategic goal. We rated them from least to most desired and achievable and prioritized them in that regard.


After some brainstorming and visual exploration work, we decided to go with a network of hexagons for three reasons:

  • They’re interconnected and seamless.
  • They can absorb and unify every article that there is for rent, or that we add in the future.
  • It’s a very flexible and recognizable asset that can be used in any application of the brand identity.


We decided to make it our business not to waste our client’s time. We limit and simplify our wording to make it easy to understand: our mission is to get our device in your hands with as little friction as possible. Because of this,  even though we did not build the final website -the client did-, since our strategy it was clear for both that it had to have Call to Action buttons everywhere.

  • They all lead to the same form to ask for a budget.
  • The response to the requests always arrives within the hour.
  • There’s even a phone and WhatsApp contact button at the bottom of the screen to make the transaction even quicker.


With the brand fleshed out, we set out to apply it to each touch point that we could, from our first contact with the potential client to some useful goodies during and after a successful rental.


If we did our job right, the user experience will have been so fast and seamless that our existence is barely even acknowledged. This is a problem because we want them to remember who rented their gear, so we came up with a thank you note that puts human faces on the company, asks for feedback and invites to building a bond of trust between both parts.

“Very good work, and also efficient, flexible and always available to comment on aspects of the job during the work process”.

Jesús Villadóniga

CEO, Alquilaripad & La Industrial Coworking

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