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Wait, what do you mean I already have a brand?

If anyone knows your product, they have an opinion on it. That’s your brand. It is affecting your whole business as we speak, so we might as well take advantage of it.

We believe that if you shape your business to fit your personality and your values, you’ll have an easier time, grow bigger and create more satisfactory experiences for your customers. We want to help you get there, but we need to get to know you first.

This is how we do it.


So many businesses crash because they make great products that nobody wants. We need to understand who do you aim to serve, how can we help them, what kind of products they already consume and what does the world look like through their eyes. This will tell us how to talk to them and open up new business ideas that you can profit from.


The most motivating way to rally people is to help them see what change you want to bring into their world. Once we know why you do what you do, we’ll define your personality, which will eventually translate to your image and tone of voice, open up new ideas and it ultimately will help shape what exactly is it that you provide.


Nobody exists in a vacuum. We need to position you relative to your competitors, use all the insights we gathered to craft a short and impactful explanation to why should your customers care about you and not anyone else, and also look for synergies with other complementary businesses and products.


Then we craft your Master Strategy Document.

The workshop lasts for about 3 hours and ends with stating and reevaluating your next business goals. You’ll have a clear roadmap with defined steps on how to grow your business and serve your customers. Meanwhile, we’ll create a document that compiles everything we’ve uncovered and defined. From then on, every time you have to make a choice you can look at your document and ask yourself whether it adds or detracts to what you’ve defined as your strategy. It’s also very handy to communicating clearly with creative types who you might want to make things that represent your brand -such as ourselves.

Once that is done, every design decision moves away from the subjective into whether or not it’s effective.

We craft brands with care.


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